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Not only does beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder, but also in the information you have stored in the brain.

Don’t you want to know what’s popping in the natural beauty world? We are offering not just amazing products but also good advice.

Misara wants you to be your best confident self always and we believe that spreading more information about the ingredients in our products will only have you benefit.

Are you confused about how coconut oil works for you? Are you wondering if kokum butter is comedogenic? How can you incorporate shea in your daily beauty regime? We will answer all you questions and more through our blogs.


The summer season often means spending a lot of time in the sun that makes your lips dry and chapped. However, we try to ignore its consequences and delay in proper care to our lips. Misara’s lip balm will help keep your lips soft and supple while nourishing and moisturizing them well. Let your dream become a reality by taking…

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Lip Care For Soft And Dewy Lips

We all desire soft and dewy lips. They do complement our appearance but are also a sign of healthy lips. Chapped, discolored, and pigmented lips are a concern for many, but a few simple steps and you can easily make them soft. Want to have naturally soft lips? The good news is that a few home remedies will get you…

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Winter hacks for Healthy Skin

‘Seasons’ the biggest factor affecting our skin and health. What to do if its too cold and the skin drys up, what if its too hot and sweaty and the skin starts to burn, etc. etc. without actually knowing about it how to take care of it? Have you also been noticed with those white patches on your hand when…

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Haircare do’s and don’ts

Don’t we want our hair like Rapunzel? Long, luscious, and strong! Your hair is your crown! However, your hair scalp is often ignored and taken for granted. The majority of us dream of it but our current busy and stressful lifestyle doesn’t allow us to! Lusciously strong hair is a reflection of your scalp health. But what if we tell…

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What do I and my skin eat in a day!

We never stop battling for our skin. However, a skincare ritual of using a variety of products is not only time-consuming and high maintenance but is also not enough. The secret to gaining radiant, younger-looking skin comprises of more than just good genes. The foods we eat in a day are equally vital in contributing to skin health. Being the…

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