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About Us

While experimenting with makeup isn’t exhausting once in a while, choosing a simple, more minimal approach to beauty is an experience we want you to enjoy in your routine life.

We believe true beauty lies in confidence you carry while you walk around everywhere, everyday.

Additionally, to make the beauty experience guilt-free, we focus on products made from natural, organic and eco-friendly ingredients with no added fragrance. While giving our best efforts to be socially responsible, our products are also 100% cruelty-free, so you can up your feel-good game a notch higher.

Brand Story

Who hasn’t played around with makeup when we were young? Remember what you did to mother’s favourite lipstick?

The inception of Misara(2020) is quite similar—created out of memories of making makeup products at home.

From burning almonds at home to making kajal, to mixing butters and oils to making lip balms—it was an experiment repeated over time and perfected.

Trial and error is our middle name. There have been failures... but... right from the days of using aloe vera at home to making cold creams to using mineral powders to make custom colours… we have tried and tested it all, leading to the creation of Misara, where we believe, something pure and simple can make amazing things.

Making products from scratch allows us to give you the trust and power over the products you are using.


We are determined at building a superior, healthy and bankable skincare brand.


We aim at promoting minimalistic and classy, healthy and effective skincare through our products and brand value while being conscious of every ingredient we use.
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